Andrea Finke-Anlauff
mangodesign / Germany

Andrea Finke-Anlauff studied industrial and graphic design in Germany, Spain and Finland. 

She is passionate about elegant and clever simplicity in all areas and pixel perfect down to detail. As the co-founder of mangodesign she is responsible for the UI/UX department and visionary thoughts since 1994.

Her interest in this field arises from the strong belief that designing digital products in the best possible way will make people´s lives a lot easier and more exciting. 

Thanks to long-lasting relationships with well-known brands from automotive, mobile and agricultural industry her team at mangodesign is working on innovative digital and physical design projects and studies about the future of those industries.

One of her many awarded designs are part of "Die neue Sammlung" of The Design Museum in Munich.

She has been speaking at conferences and teaching interaction design in universities since 2003 and is working for many years as a judge in international design competitions.


User Interface for Cardio Fitness Machine Range

To get most out of the fitness machines we designed a very flexible non-touch interaction design: it can be visualised on different display types and can be adopted for all fitness machine types from the client. Once understood, each machine can be immediately used in a very efficient and satisfying way.

Fleet Management Service with Connected Car Infotainment System

Our client asked us to design a flexible software platform for fleet management software which is connected with a car infotainment system. An app with limited functionality is also part of this service. The platform is suitable for company fleet management, insurance companies or freight forwarders. The car infotainment system was designed in a way that it will not distract the users, only shows what is needed in a particular state in a clear and unmistakable design. The UI is very flexible: it can be skinned with different style themes according to the car manufacturer and vary in the amount of features.

Symbolic Font “PURE”

Our task was to create a universal, characteristic symbol font for Nokia. The style of the “Nokia Pure” symbols spreads throughout the brand including mobiles, technical graphics, packaging, user guides, advertising and online services.

As the symbols were to be predominantly displayed on digital devices, therefore specific requirements had to be taken into consideration:

  • depiction from the front and two-dimensional
  • simple style that can be clearly conveyed in small sizes
  • clear and perfectly balanced icon family
  • easily recognisable shapes

Design and UI Graphics of a Smart Watch

This watch combines GPS localisation, healthcare features and the complete functionality of a smartphone (SIM card included). According to Laipac's requirements we designed a visual appearance of a classical chronograph that also – through the display and the controls – puts all the accumulated functional diversity at the user’s disposal.

Athletes, senior citizens and business people can choose from a broad spectrum of materials, surfaces and clock faces.

Smartphone Optimised for the Silver Generation (60+)

The user interface provides a clear, flat and intuitive menu structure with enlarged buttons and fonts but still looking elegant. The hardware provides a flexible keypad cover protection. This means still being able to dial numbers or answer a call as usual with the familiar silicon keypad – without having to sacrifice the convenience of a smartphone. In addition, a stylus is offered for text input.

The most popular apps have been optimised and visually enlarged for intuitive handling.