Lee Chi-wing
Founder & Design Director,
Milk Design / Hong Kong, China

Lee Chi-wing, a native of Hong Kong, studied Industrial Design and graduated from the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. Lee received his MA from Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industrielle in Paris.

Lee began his design journey in Habitat France and Raison Pure. He joined Philips Design Hong Kong as a designer before he set up Milk Design in 1998. Milk Design is reported by Time Out Magazine as one of the Top 25 HK designers need to know. Its design has been described by Monocle Magazine as simple yet experimental.

The design project of the inflight economy class tableware for Cathay Pacific Airways in 2007 achieved to demonstrate a modern interpretation of the Chinese culture and tradition. It has received various prestigious design awards in Asia. The design of “A New Bamboo Chair”, become the collections of Hong Kong Heritage Museum. Lee truly believes design is from one’s culture and tradition, it is part of daily living.


“Wong” Chair

The design adopted the general application on joinery with subtle variation, so that the chair carries a mix of classic Chinese beauty, balance, smooth, solid, and a beauty of modernity, simple and elegant.

Mobile Standing Tea Bar

The concept of a mobile standing bar is to welcome people to gather around, stay and chat freely with a cup of tea in more different places. Making tea drinking a more friendly, social and communicative behaviour is the intention of the project.

The structure is featured by a simple knockdown and installation mechanism, suitable for storage and transportation.

A New Bamboo Chair

The project is about how to make a new bamboo chair from the base of the traditional bamboo making process and its craftsmanship. The idea is to capture the valuable traditional techniques and renew them with small changes to fit for today’s living style.

The Envelope

A one-off ash scatterer designed for garden burial ceremonies. It is made of paper with a simple folding method. Burning is symbolic of ending and the work offers a method of delivering a message to the death. This co-creation project investigates and explores both the functional and emotional sides of our future burial services, cultures and tradition.

H.A.N.D. Coffee Set

The copper wire dripper is the most remarkable feature of this design. The special structure holds the filter paper nicely in a way that it reduces the surface contact with the filter paper so that water flow is easier to control. The coffee flavour made by this dripper is rich and balanced.