Makoto Tanijiri

Makoto Tanijiri was born in Hiroshima in 1974 and established an architecture firm SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE in 2000. After 2014, the firm is led by Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida. Their works cover a broad range of areas including houses, business spaces, site frameworks, landscapes, products and art installations. They have designed more than 100 houses and they are promoting many projects both in Japan and overseas now. Recently, they also established a construction company "21st Century Constructions", a real estate company "Zekkei Fudosan – Vantage Point Properties" and a cafe "Shashokudo".


Finished in 2017 - hotel koe tokyo

Location: Shibuya-ku in Tokyo, Japan
Project Type: Complex

(Portfolio Photo by: Kenta Hasegawa)

Finished in 2015 - House in Hanno

Location: Hanno in Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Project Type: House 

The house is located in Hanno of Saitama prefecture, on a rural area surrounded by wild nature with large boulders that weathered with time. This landscape, which is shaped by nature over thousand millions of years, will be present as a form of a building. It is not in a static shape we created but in a shape without any limit, that almost becomes a part of the nature around it.

(Portfolio Photo by: Toshiyuki Yano)

Finished in 2014 - New Acton Nishi

Location: Canberra, Australia
Project Type: Building Complex

The building complex in Canberra, Australia, comprised of 220 residential flats on 14 floors, a 10-storey office facility and three low-rise, four-storey commercial zones, including a hotel and a movie theatre. The façade and interior was the collaborative effort of a large number of designers and architects. 

(Portfolio Photo by: Tom Roe)

Finished in 2014 - ONOMICHI U2

Location: Onomichi City in Hiroshima, Japan
Project Type: Building Complex

ONOMICHI U2 is a multiuse facility built around an inn for cyclists. At its core, the 28-room Hotel Cycle allows travellers to ride in and check in without ever having to get off their bikes, which they may store in their room. There are bicycle rental, repair and other additional services for cyclists, including a cycle-through café as well as dining, refreshments and boutique shops that are connected in the manner of a neighbourhood. The restaurant serves freshly-caught seafood in the Inland Sea and other local cuisines that grilled over charcoal.

(Portfolio Photo by: Toshiyuki Yano)

Finished in 2015 - BOOK AND BED TOKYO

Location: Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Project Type: Hostel

A 30-bed guesthouse in a commercial district of the metropolitan Tokyo. The main fixture features a stylistic mixture suggesting the mouldings and arches of traditional libraries, alongside rougher industrial materials, like larch plywood. Books are hanged fancifully from the ceiling and constitute a continuous design element throughout.

(Portfolio Photo by: Toshiyuki Yano)