Naoki Ito
Chief Creative Officer & Founder, PARTY / Japan

Naoki Ito was born in 1971 in Shizuoka, Japan. A Waseda University alumnus. After doing branding work for clients such as Nike at Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo,
Naoki Ito took part in founding PARTY, a creators collective that installs in society experiences of the future. Services and products, entertainment and branding are at the core of PARTY’s activities, and Naoki’s roles are creative director and CEO. At the same time, he wears the hats of Information Design professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design and guest professor at the Graduate School of Project Design. The space design for Narita International Airport Terminal 3 has been recognised by awards such as Good Design Award, winning Gold. Naoki was also in charge of the overall direction for the installation “Digivege – Digital Vegetables – by PARTY” at Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2017. The projects led by Naoki have garnered over 250 awards, including Japan Media Arts Festival, One Show in New York, D&AD in London, Cannes Lions and Tokyo Copywriters Club. Naoki also invests his time and energy into developing new businesses under the theme of “cross-cutting expansion of creativity”. PARTY’s collective office group “IC” currently consists of TOKO in Tokyo and SANCI in Kamakura. Other joint businesses include The Chain Museum with Masamichi Toyoma of Smile, which focuses on democratising art. Exhibition highlights are “Omote 3D Shashin Kan” (2012) and “PARTY Not There. Exhibition” (2013). Publications include Rules for Communicating and work collection PARTY (ggg Books).


2017 - Digivege - Digital Vegetables by PARTY

A digitally enhanced greenhouse installation that popped up in Roppongi, Tokyo, for people to touch and bathe in design.

2011 - Kanji City

An interactive fitness experience that offers a new form of indoor cycling exercise, featuring Kanji-character-inspired landscapes of Kyoto projected on a screen or iPad.

2010 - Nike Music Shoe

An online film documenting the performance of musicians making music using Nike Music Shoe, an instrument that can be played by bending the flexible sole of the Nike Free Run+ shoe.

Online Film: youtu.be/uS1exujG3cY

2015 - Narita International Airport Terminal 3

A spatial and navigational design for a low-cost carrier terminal that was built with the concept of “More than 2 into 1”.


The world’s first 3D photo studio that captures memories of important days such as weddings and graduations not through photos but figurines made with 3D printing.