Ryosuke Uehara
Founder & Art Director,
KIGI Co., Ltd. / Japan

Ryosuke Uehara was born in 1972 in Hokkaido, Japan. He founded KIGI Co., Ltd. in 2012 together with the art director, Yoshie Watanabe. As a creative design duo, their activities include branding, graphic design, product design, and more in various fields.

Through creating artworks and holding exhibitions at museums and galleries, KIGI is always exploring new forms of creation. They also launched collaborative brands: KIKOF with traditional craft artisans from Shiga Prefecture and CACUMA with Hobonichi Co., Ltd., opening their original shop and gallery OUR FAVOURITE SHOP in Shirokane, Tokyo.

In April 2017, KIGI opened a D-BROS shop in GINZA SIX (Tokyo), for which they have been served as design directors for many years. This shop features products incorporating traditional craft techniques into modern lifestyles. Uehara is engaged in art direction for this shop, from its visual identity to product development.

KIGI has held KIGI WORK & FREE, their biggest ever exhibition in July 2017 at the Utsunomiya Museum of Art (Tochigi Prefecture).

Uehara has received some of the world’s most recognised awards, including the Tokyo ADC Awards Grand Prize, the 11th Yusaku Kamekura Design Award, the NY ADC Gold Award, the One Show Design Gold Award, among others.


2014 - KIKOF


2002 - Hope Forever Blossoming, Flower Vase

2012 - 森をひらくこと、T.O.D.A., Brand / Sign Design

2014 - Boutique!, Graphic / Space Design

2017 - POPs, CalendarPOPs, Calendar